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Amrutech, Inc is a professional engineering and environmental consulting company. For over 18 years we have successfully tailored cutting edge and traditional waste treatment systems and technologies to meet our clients waste treatment requirements.

Amrutech is ready to help solve all of your hazardous and industrial waste treatment and disposal problems. Whatever your waste treatment problems are: heavy metal contaminated effluent, high suspended solids, organic contamination, pH control, oil and grease removal, or BOD/COD reduction Amrutech can help. Amrutech designed treatment systems provide for waste minimization and waste materials recycling whenever possible. If you have questions about how we can serve you, call our environmental services experts - your single reliable source for answers to virtually every waste treatment and waste treatment management question.

By choosing the right technology for your unique waste treatment problems we can help to keep our environment healthy and beautiful! For comprehensive waste treatment services Amrutech, Inc. is the answer.

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